Welcome to Harpo’s Pizzas!

Pizza ChefHarpo’s makes terrific gourmet pizzas using only the freshest ingredients. We bake your pizzas fresh on receipt of your order. Some of our clients claim we make the best pizza in the UK since 1978! But, don’t take their word for it. Come in and judge for yourself; we are confident you won’t be disappointed!

Leeds pizza collection

You can call us to place your order and pick it up when ready.

Live too far to enjoy a Harpo’s pizza?

No such thing! Harpo’s Pizzas are well worth the trip to Leeds. Come on over for a weekend getaway, or better still, take a holiday, stay in the area to visit the many beautiful parks and tourist spots in the Leeds vicinity. Leeds holds a lot of pleasant surprises for you. We’ve provided some useful links for you to help you find a place to stay and discover all the fun things to do in and around Leeds.

We’d love to hear your comments on our pizzas, service or website and welcome your feedback as it helps us to improve our services to you! So feel free to call us any time.

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